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Mikey Way | Bullets Era ll (part l)

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I really, really miss old MCR. I crave the messy, furious vocals of bullets, the angry, driving instrumentals of three cheers. i would sell my soul to go back in time and visit the early eras.


my chemical romance | Tumblr on We Heart It.

letshearitforamericaspoptarts asked: Why'd u call Gerard a fag?


mobotdferard asked: You are an amazing person the old mcr is the best I really miss them a lot and we need people like you keeping the memory of them alive

I’ll start posting more often :)

slimelizard asked: i just found this blog bc of reasons but MY NAME IS LIZA TOO WOO

Elizabeth :)

andyparasito asked: This blog is so rad, it makes me feel like a teenager again c:

IK :’(

ghostytricksterx asked: this blog is perf


Life On The Murder Scene + Purple

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Life On The Murder Scene + Orange